Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

There are numerous benefits that come from training jiu jitsu.  However, the one thing that people want to know is: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Before we get to that, let's investigate the reasons why you are looking to start training jiu jitsu or why you are considering enrolling your child into our program.

Write down your reasons.  When you see your reasons on paper, you'll have more motivation to work towards those goals. 

Our teammates have benefited from training jiu jitsu and I am confident that if you stick with the program, you will also experience the benefits.  Here are just a few of them:

The biggest benefit of coming to class is that you are working out.  You're not binge-watching shows or scrolling through Facebook posts. 

You are using muscles, some that you didn't even know that you had while you are in the jiu jitsu class.  You're toning muscles, improving the flexibility of your ligaments and increasing your heart rate.


Spending hours in a fixed position, whether you're sitting at a desk or standing on the assembly line, getting on the mats will help you elevate your heart rate as your work towards your goals.

Improve your blood sugar and lower your cholesterol is another benefit of training jiu jitsu, which is aerobic and you will burn more glucose for fuel, potentially lowering your blood sugar if you have too much insulin on-board. 


Creatively overcoming obstacles. Learning something new and complex over a long period of time. Staying curious about the world around you and embracing an attitude of lifelong learning. These factors all contribute to better intellectual health. There’s even research that staying intellectually challenged can be a buffer against Alzheimer’s. Human chess, anyone?


Unlike a gym filled with weights, treadmills and other pieces of exercise equipment where you put your earbuds in to tune everyone out, YOU are the exercise equipment.  Choose your partners, let them know where you would like to start and exchange tips to improve as you work towards your goals. As you communicate and train with these strangers, you start to develop friendships that don't require an electronic device.


As adults, our personalities are somewhat “set,” and we may not often find opportunities to deepen or expand our character, or tweak habits that have turned negative. But when we train Brazilian jiu jitsu, it’s an honest look deep into ourselves, and a chance to put in the hard work to reach our goals, develop humility, grit, perseverance, and discipline. When we survive being submitted repeatedly in the gym, we can certainly attack an important client presentation, a final exam, or a personal crisis with greater success because of the resilience, determination, and character fitness we have developed on the mats.

Let's set up a free intro class so you can experience what we have to offer you and your family.

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