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Since 2015, Frequency Martial Arts has been helping children and adults with their various goals through our Jiu Jitsu program.

Most of the teammates in both programs have never had any previous martial arts training before stepping onto the mats.  We even have several teammates who never participated in any form of organized sports prior to their free intro class.

Jiu Jitsu has helped teammates build confidence, learn perseverance, and allowed them the opportunity to make friends with people whom they never would have met.  We have also had plenty of teammates who have lost weight, gained flexibility and some of our teammates even shared with us that they were able to stop taking medications that were prescribed to them.

Members of our youth team have become better listeners and the feedback that we have received from parents reinforces that the life skills we implement in the coaching have spilled off the mats into their homes and classrooms.

Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel to see videos of some of the warm-ups your child will be doing during the class.


Yes, we have been impacted by COVID 19, but the Health and Hygiene Protocols that we had in place since we opened in 2015 have helped us adjust to COVID 19.  In addition to the protocols that we had in place prior to March 15, 2020 to keep the school a healthy environment, we have implemented temperature checks, sanitizing the hands and feet of teammates prior to participating in the class and requiring all teammates to stay away from the school for 10 days after traveling out of town.

As of May 4, 2021, we have had roughly 5,300 check-ins for classes plus parents staying to watch classes since June 1, 2020.  We have not had one issue with COVID 19.  We attribute this to our teammates following our COVID-19 protocols and not coming to class if anyone in their home is not feeling well or were in contact with anyone that may have been feeling ill.

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If you would like to schedule a free intro class for yourself or your child, we would love to have you experience what the team and coaching staff has to offer you.
Simply select the program that you are interested in learning more about:


Frequency Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu


2020 is in your rearview mirror and it should no longer hold you back from reaching your goals.  YES, you are going to have to overcome hurdles and deal with obstacles that will challenge you, but you had obstacles and hurdles every year before the COVID 19 pandemic. 


What are you looking to accomplish during the next month? 4-months? 12-months? Five-years?

One of the many benefits that comes from training jiu jitsu is the ability to persevere.  Without the ability to persevere, you’ll quit every time you face hard times.


“Tomorrow” is here and with over 12 weekly classes for our adult members and 4-weekly youth classes, Frequency Martial Arts has taken care of the conflicts your busy schedule may have played into making an excuse not to get started; as long as you’re serious about improving your health.

Why Frequency Martial Arts?
Morning, Afternoon and evening classes for our adult members.

4 Weekly Classes for youth members.

No Long Term Contracts. Minimum of a 4-month commitment.

No Testing Fees.

A coaching staff and a team that want to help you achieve your goals.


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and COVID-19

March 15, 2020 

The date that changed the landscape of martial arts training.  The State of Illinois put a shelter in place mandate in place to help hospitals and medical professionals from being overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases.  Because of this request, Frequency Martial Arts closed its doors to teammates and the public.

Two-weeks, turned to several-weeks and several-weeks became months. Frequency Martial Arts offered Zoom classes while closed to help teammates stay active. On June 1, Frequency Martial Arts reopened to teammates and NON-MEMBERS began calling to learn if we were open.

Back On The Mats

As teammates returned, they needed to reserve their spots because we could only have 8 teammates in the school. Additional protocols were also added to the Health & Hygiene protocols.  These new protocols included having teammates take their temperature and use the restroom before coming to class.  These new protocols were put in place to help limit contact to doorknobs at the school.  Teammates also have their temperature checked as they enter the school to ensure they do not have a fever.  Their hands and feet are sprayed with sanitizer as they prepare to step onto the mats.

Phase Four

On July 1, 2020 gatherings of 50 individuals were allowed in Illinois.  The doors reopened to the public and we were flooded with trial classes.  These individuals wanted to take charge of their health.  Some were parents who were looking to enroll their child into an activity and over 30 new members joined the team since reopening the school.  

Frequency Martial Arts will continue to offer classes for our youth and adult teammates who continue to do their part to keep the teammates and their families healthy.

November 2020

The 7-Day Rolling Positivity Rate for McLean County went over 10%.  To ensure we continue to keep the facility safe for our teammates, we are having all intro class participants schedule their classes 21-days out while they continue to practice their efforts to remain healthy.  When McLean County drops under a 7-Day Rolling Positivity Rate of 8%, we will resume booking intro classes within 24-hours of contact.

If you would like to schedule a tour of our facility or a free intro class, simply select the program that interests you.

Drilling vs. Rolling

Frequency Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu

Which do you prefer?

When it comes to training jiu jitsu you will find that there are THREE camps when it comes to these two aspects of training.

  1. People who love to drill, but dislike rolling/sparring.
  2. People who hate to drill and only want to roll.
  3. The people that do both.

When it comes to your training, the ultimate goal is to get better.

Every single class that you come to is an opportunity for you to improve on what you were working on the previous day.  You should push yourself in your training, whether it’s going all the way down the mats during line drills, getting extra reps when you are drilling techniques or doing one live sparring round at the end of class.

When you roll/spar, you are going to be tested as your partner looks to pass, sweep, submit and control the round as you look to counter their moves to stay ahead.  You’re going to be put in uncomfortable positions and over time you will become more comfortable in those positions as you gain the confidence in the techniques you have to escape from those bad positions.   During your rounds, you are going to see if you really know what you are supposed to be doing in various situations.

The downside to rolling is that you are at a greater risk of injury. 

Drilling on the other hand will improve your knowledge of the technique as you break down the small details that make the technique effective as you build the muscle memory to execute the move.  As you increase the muscle memory through the drills, you will be building a solid foundation as you fine-tune the movements of the technique.

Rolling is the heart of what makes jiu jitsu work. When it comes to rolling,  you can start off in a bad position or a neutral position as you work to secure a submission.  These rounds can be intense, so make sure if you are dishing it out that you are also prepared to take it as your teammate looks to control to situation.  Having a good knowledge and feel of your teammate will help you determine how “hard” you should be going.

Injuries take time to heal, so you want to make sure that you’re not in full tournament mode when you are training with your teammates.  Both of you should be able to walk out of the school and be able to work the next morning.

You will also discover what you need to work on as not everything will go as planned.  You’ll miss submissions, have your guards passed and get swept.  Make notes of these missteps and focus your time on cleaning them up.

What a perfect segue into why you should spend quality time drilling the technique!

When you start out, drilling will help you learn the steps of a single technique.  You’ll understand why you move a certain way as you build your foundation by breaking down the details of the techniques.  Having the correct form is key to improving the techniques that were failing you when you were rolling.

As you drill, you and your coaches will be able to easily identify a bad technique that may have been missed during the rolling portion of your training that could have been viewed as your partner simply countering or defending your technique.

The downside of drilling is that it simply isn’t realistic.  

While you are building muscle memory, if you spend too much time on the drill, you will miss out on your ability to react to what your teammate is doing.

To really get better, you should be doing both: Drill and Roll!

Female Teammates

Frequency Martial Arts RMNU

Getting Started At Frequency Martial Arts

Frequency Martial Arts started in January of 2015, with NINE teammates and only ONE female teammate.
Since then, the school has grown and we have eight female teammates in the adult program. 
in early 2020, Coaches Brianna and April held a Women’s Only Workshop to help ladies, like yourself, who were interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but were also intimidated by never having done it before.

Coach April

Don’t let the unknown play a role in the direction you’re heading. 
Our Women’s Only Classes meet on Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:15p. 
If you have already filled out the contact form, simply email to secure your spot in the Women’s Only Class.

Three Things To Help You For Your First Class

1.  What To Wear. 

Athletic clothing under your uniform such as leggings, compression shorts, compression tops are the typical items worn by teammates while training.  Have a pair of flip-flops too!

2.  Remove all jewelry.

Rings, necklaces, earrings etc.  
You’ll be working in tight spaces with teammates and you don’t want them or yourself to be injured due to the jewelry on the mats.

3.  Wear your hair up.

A high ponytail and a bun are recommended to help keep your hair out of your face as-well-as your teammate’s face. .

Reviews From Our Teammates

Frequency Martial Arts RMNU
Frequency Martial Arts RMNU
Frequency Martial Arts RMNU
Frequency Martial Arts RMNU

There are a lot of females training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we encourage you to use the internet to find videos and articles to help educate yourself on what to expect as a female starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  
Here are 3 helpful videos from females who train at various schools across the country, who have shared their story on YouTube.

Check These Videos Out

8 Tips To Get Started
Embrace The Awkward
Rolling With Men

Five Years

Frequency Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Bloomington, IL

Where Do You See Yourself In FIVE Years?

If you would have asked me that in 2015, I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be in my current position.


In 2015, I was in my 13th year working in rock radio; getting paid to play songs that I love on the radio while sharing my thoughts on current events and things taking place in my life.  The owner of the jiu jitsu school I had been training at for the last two-years had decided to close the school down but gave me the opportunity to buy the school from him.

My amazing wife supported me to take the leap but she also gave me a hard deadline to make the school pay for itself.  THANK YOU MOLLY FOR THE SUPPORT!  There were NINE full-time students when I took ownership of the school.  As of this post, the atmosphere created by the team has allowed the school to grow to 100 students!

A year after rebranding the school, after changes with management at the radio station that I had worked at since 2002, I decided to leave at take my services across town.  Again, with the amazing support and encouragement from my wife, I took that leap.  Going from playing the music I love and seeing all those concerts as “part of the job” to go play TOP 40 music, i.e. Maroon Five, Sia, Justin Timberlake was tough.  However, it was better hours, pay and more time to run the jiu jitsu school since my workday was done at 11a.


In April of 2018, I pulled the trigger and moved the school out of its original location that was under a bridge, limited parking and lighting.  While the rent was cheap, the school was growing and I had just found out that the limited parking that I did have was about to be even less spots due to the city fencing off the lot we were using.


Just 6-months after the move, my bosses at the radio station asked me to change my position within the company.  Going from being on the air, to sales.  I had spent 15-years being on a microphone and now I’m being asked to knock on doors to get business owners to spend marketing dollars with me.  It was a little nerve racking and I honestly thought the I wouldn’t last 6-months. 

The pressure was on to grow the school in case radio sales flopped.

It’s been close to two-years since the move to radio sales.  I have been excelling at the position and hitting my weekly goals.  I’ve applied what I have learned on the jiu jitsu mats and from running the school to my daily routines of working with the business owners that I meet.

There is never going to be a “perfect time” to do something.  The time is going to pass, so I encourage you to take that leap as the uncertainty of what’s on the other side could be the motivation that you need to being even happier.


Where were you five years ago?  What did you do that led you to your current situation?  What actions are you going to take to get to the goals you are setting for the next five years?

Where do you want to be in FIVE years?


Frequency Martial Arts Bloomington Illinois Jiu Jitsu


According to the February 2018 Kidnapping Statistics, a child goes missing every 40-seconds in the United States.  During an eight-hour workday, NINETY children go missing and over the course of a year, it is estimated that 460,000 children go missing.  Of those missing children, close to 1,500 have been kidnapped.

  • Of the estimated 1,435 kidnapped children, 86% of them where abducted by a family member.
  • 80% of those children were between the ages of 12 and 17.
  • Most of the children abducted were females living with single parents.

What Can YOU Do About This?

Communication is key.
Verbal communication is a small part of the equation.  Keep in mind their body language and their online profiles.


Talk to your children about their friends, their family members and monitor their online behavior.  A simple search on Google about “Kids Apps I Should Be Aware Of” will pull up a list of the Top 10 apps that kids are using that may pose some serious issues.


Let your children know that it is perfectly okay not to help a stranger and not to worry about hurting their feelings.  Strangers will use numerous lures to abduct a child, including asking the child to help them find a lost dog.  We’ve been conditioned to override our “Fight or Flight” instincts in order not to offend people, but our instincts are meant to help us survive.  Let your child know that if they are approached by a stranger, that they should seek out an adult that they know and to get away from that person as quickly as possible.


Secrets are a big NO.  As mentioned above, 86% of kidnapped children know their abductor.  Encourage your child that under no circumstances should they be keeping secrets from you and reassure them that they can talk to you about anything without fear of punishment.  If your child is being asked to keep a special getaway trip a secret by a family member or if they are receiving gifts/money and being told not to tell anyone about it, they should come to you right away with the information.


Do you have a “MAGIC Word”?  If you’re picking up your child, but another family member or friend of the family goes to pick up your child first, they need to supply your child with the “MAGIC Word” so your child knows that it is okay to go with them.  Again, 86% of kidnapped victims know their abductor.  Set your “MAGIC Word” and test them!

Take Control

Finally, an abductor is looking to control the situation.  They will instruct the target to be quiet and that is the last thing you want your child to do.  Screaming “THIS IS NOT MY PARENT” or “FIRE” will draw attention to the situation and now the abductor must worry about onlookers that may step in or be able to identify them.

Unplugging Tips

Youth Martial Arts

Fighting The New Addiction

How long can you put your smartphone down and not pick it up?  Are you always reaching for it to see if someone LIKED your photo or are you always checking your work emails?  We are surrounded by more electronics than ever before and we need to realize that while they do provide us with entertainment, they are becoming addictions that are hurting our quality of life.  Here are SEVEN steps that you can take to help you break the addiction:  

ONE. Identify A Device

I don’t recommend going cold turkey, but when it comes to the devices that you have access to on a daily basis, how you use them and finally pick one device that you can go without.


You have pinpointed the device(s) that you feel you can go without.  Now, think about how you use these gadgets on a daily basis and how they NEGATIVELY impact your quality of life.  Yes, your smartphone is great for capturing photos with family, friends and the delightful lunch you had, but you should focus on the ways it is NEGATIVELY affecting you.

I read the book “SELL OR BE SOLD” where the author asked me to write down what I WASTE a lot of my time on during a given day.  “Social Media” and “Work Emails” were on the top of my list.  Instead of playing with my daughters or doing something productive, I was glued to my phone.  Making a list of the time wasted, the missed moments and the lack of production really helped me focus on making a POSITIVE change.a

THREE. The Choice Is Yours, But You MUST Decide

As I have already mentioned, going cold turkey can be rough.  Let’s face it, you’re still going to have  a smartphone, a laptop, iPod, tablet, video game system(s) and TV; but you must decide on how and when you use them.  Maybe you delete several time wasting apps from your phone, only use the laptop for one-hour, use the iPod only for music and limit your “Binge Watching” to two episodes; then you get off the couch to do something productive.  
You’re the one that needs to set the limits, but share these with family and friends so they can help hold you accountable.

FOUR. Don't THINK it, INK it.

I have found that writing it down and having it visible throughout my day helps me keep on task.  Whether they are my long term goals with the steps that I will need to take or the to-do list for the day; I cannot forget about it when I see it on a list .

FIVE. Stick With It!

Scroll back to the top and confirm that I said this wasn’t going to be easy.  Don’t beat yourself up because you used the device in question, but stick to your limits.  Once you hit that limit, put the device away, shut it down and go find something else to do.

Tip:  Use a timer as it is easy to lose track of time when you are on your device.

SIX. What Did People Do BEFORE Electronics?

They had conversations with each other about their day, their goals and shared ideas without the use of a smartphone.  

  • Spend time with your family.  If you have children, they seem to grow in a blink of an eye and I wish I could hit the PAUSE botton.
  • Read books and ask each other about the characters or subject matter in the books that they are reading.  
  • Play games, whether it’s UNO, Battle Ship or maybe you do a puzzle.  
  • Here’s another great idea: Go OUTSIDE!  Enjoy each others time while you have the ability to do so. Play tag, kickball or just go and have a picnic.
  • Exercise.  Whether your are outside or going into a gym, getting 30-minutes of exercise a day is good for you and it’s 30-minutes of not being on your electronics.

SEVEN. Seek Help

If you put together a plan that included that steps that you were going to take in order to break your addiction from the electronics you selected, but you’re having a hard time; ask for help.

In the near future, I am confident that we’ll learn these gadgets are more addictive than alcohol, drugs and gambling.  There has to be a reason why Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs raised their children tech free.

Is Jiu Jitsu Right For Me?

Frequency Martial Arts RMNU

Frequency Martial Arts has been offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes for children as young as FIVE in addition to adults since 2015.  Many of the new teammates that come to our academy are worried that they have never trained BJJ or martial arts before.  That’s not an issue as everyone that trains on the mats has been the NEW student and they are all here to help you improve.  Simply take it one class at a time.

What Are You Looking For?

Are the classes for you or your child?

  • If they are for your child, have they been bullied?
  • Do you want to learn a new skill?
  • Are you looking to improve your heath, fitness and mental wellbeing? 

 The teammates on the mats all have their own reasons as to why they train, but one reason that they all share is it help their teammates improve as they work towards their goals.

Find The Right School For YOU!

Is Frequency Martial Arts the right fit for you and your family?  We would hope so, but we encourage everyone to do their own research on the various martial arts programs that are offered.  Contact the schools and tour their facilities before you join a club.  Talk to members, other parents and do a Google Search to see reviews of the school as-well-as the instructors at the school.

  • How many classes are offered AND how often do they allow you to train?
  • Drop in to observe the class structure and get a feel for the atmosphere. 
  • What qualifications do the coaches and professors have?
  • Do they have Policies and Procedures in place?
  • What measures are in place for your safety?

If they don’t answer your questions to your satisfaction or make you feel uncomfortable in any way, it would be best to walk away. 

Am I Too Old?

This goes back to our first question: What are you looking for?

Once you know why you want to train jiu jitsu, that will help you determine which club is right for you.

To answer your question: No, you’re not to old to train, just make sure you listen to your body and avoid over doing it.  You will be moving your body in unfamiliar ways, you’ll be sore and you’ll improve your conditioning by easing into your training.  Understand your limitations and don’t be tempted to over do it, because you will regret it later.

Medical Conditions?

There is risk of injury doing any form of martial arts.  Be sure to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.  Once you have been given the green light from your medical professional, simply let the coaching staff know.  Your coach is going to push you to improve during classes.  Make his job easier to help you improve by sharing that information.  The coach will then be able to modify the movements for you.

You're The Customer

When you find the school that is right for you and your needs, remember that you are still the customer.  Express your concerns with the owner when they come up and be sure to take it one class at a time.  Jiu Jitsu will enrich your life by improving your fitness levels, confidence, concentration, flexibility, self discipline, socialization and perseverance.  To be successful at Jiu Jitsu, is like anything else:  you need to be dedicated to improving.  Show up to class with an open mind, be optimistic and have the courage to practice the movements.

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5 Reasons To Start Training BJJ

Frequency Martial Arts Bloomington, IL

If you’re looking to improve your life, I would recommend that you write down 12 GOALS that you would like to accomplish over the next 12 months.  These don’t have to be large feats, but they can be simple tasks like one date-night with my spouse every month or paying off a credit card.  When you write down the list of goals and place them where you see them every day as a reminder, you will be more likely to achieve them.  Now, you may not complete all of the goals on your list, but work towards that finish line and you will get there!

Jiu Jitsu is a great way to help you focus on your goals.  Maybe you are looking to try something new, well doing jiu jitsu would help you check that goal off your list.  More importantly, it will help you set and accomplish smaller goals that are necessary to help you accomplish larger goals.

Here are FIVE ways you will benefit from training jiu jitsu:

You’ll look better.

Think you have to get in shape to do jiu-jitsu? Think again. Jiu-jitsu is a great cardio and strength workout; and whether you’re a couch potato or you’re already in decent shape, your physique is going to change for the better. You’ll probably start noticing changes whether or not you improve your diet, but chances are you’ll soon realize that eating healthier helps you feel better while you train. It’s only a matter of time before the pounds start melting off and reveal a healthier version of you.

You’ll feel better.

It’s no secret that jiu-jitsu is not only great for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Ask just about anyone who trains, and they’ll tell you that their time on the mat is like a form of therapy. Sure, you’ll probably leave class feeling a little (or a lot) beat up pretty often, but your mind and body will ultimately reap all kinds of benefits from your time choking out your friends.

You’ll learn something new.

If you’re always hungry for knowledge, jiu-jitsu is just what you need to satisfy your appetite. It’s just as much a mental sport as it is a physical one, and there’s truly an endless number of techniques that can be learned if you stick with it. Plus, the stuff you’ll learn is practical — there’s truly no downside to figuring out how to choke out a potential attacker with their own clothes.

You’ll make new friends.

If one of the resolutions for the new year is to stop being such a hermit and be more social, jiu-jitsu has you covered. Even though it’s technically a combat sport, there’s something about armbars that just brings people together. You and your teammates will put your lives in each other’s hands every time you train, and that kind of trust will build close friendships that you’ll maintain for years to come.

You’ll have fun.

Even though there will be plenty of bumps, bruises, and frustrations along the way, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you’ll fall in love with jiu-jitsu. It’s a martial art that has a way of making you smile through the pain, and once you see how much it affects so many aspects of your life, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

Life is too short to not be enjoyed, and if you’ve been thinking that this is the year that you should finally start pursuing the happiness you deserve, put on that white belt and get started!


Simply let us know which of our programs interests you and we will contact you to set up your facility tour, intro class and we’ll send you some beneficial information too!