The Key To End Bullying

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Bullying Has Always Been A Hot Topic

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time and it’s evolving. Whether it’s the bully on the playground or behind the monitor, if not addressed bullying can lead to a very tragic end.  Communicating is the best way to eliminate bullying.  Talk to your child about their day at school and ask them if they witnessed or experienced any bullying.  Encourage your child to talk to their teachers and monitors at school about any bullying issues.  When your child informs you that they spoke with an authority figure at school, you will know who to follow up with should the problem continue.  Also, get to know the parents of your child’s friend; remember the old saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” 


When you come home from work, set time aside for your child.  Ask them about their day.  Be sure to put away the smartphone and really take the time to focus on them.  Ask them questions about their day.  What did they enjoyed about school?  Was there a subject that really challenged them?  Can they recall an interesting fact that they learned?  Be sure to take the time to listen to their responses and have follow up questions. This helps them with their communication and socialization skills.  Before you end the conversation, be sure to talk to them about bullying.  Did they witness any bullying and if so, did they inform a teacher? When a teacher is in the room, the bully is the nicest person in the world but when the teacher leaves the room, the bully starts their search for their next victim.


Depending on your child’s age, they may be confused about telling on someone who is causing trouble versus being a tattletale.  I’ve always told my daughters that if someone could possibly get hurt, they need to tell an adult as soon as possible.  However, if they see their sister sneaking a cookie from the jar, allow her to be caught by mom or dad.  When your child comes to you with a bullying issue, be sure to ask them if they informed a teacher.  If they didn’t, be sure to encourage them to do so, because if the teacher is not aware of the situation, they will not be able to help the student in need.

Now that your child is communicating with their teachers and you about bullying issues, it will be easier for you as the parent to follow up with the teacher should the problem continue.  If the teacher cannot help, do not hesitate to go to the principal with your concerns.  By having open communication channels with the teacher and school staff, you are showing them that you are aware of what is happening at the school and that you are holding the faculty accountable to resolve the matter.


Do you know the parents of your child’s friends?  If not, take the time to do so.  Get to know them and share any bullying concerns you may have about bullying  Their child may be experiencing the same situations as your child since they are friends, but may not have been informed about the matter.  Once the bully sees that their victims are not afraid to go to the teacher and parents, they’ll realize that their continued actions will only get them into trouble.

Encourage your child to stand up to bullying now, so that they have the confidence to handle the bullies they face when they enter the workforce.

Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

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There a numerous benefits of jiu jitsu, but people not familiar with the martial art only want to know the price

How much is it? 

That’s what everyone wants to talk about BEFORE they even step foot in the door. BEFORE you ask that question, set up a FREE trial class to EXPERIENCE our program and the benefits of jiu jitsu that come from training with our team, especially if you have never trained martial arts before.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits 0f Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ):


One of the biggest benefits of jiu jitsu is that you are working out.  You’re not binge watching shows or scrolling through Facebook, but you are using muscles that you had no idea that you had, as you work with AND against a teammate to learn the moves.  Your heart rate is going to be elevated causing you to burn more calories.  You’ll tone muscles as you gain flexibility, strength and burn off fat.


As an adult, the majority of our day is spent in a fixed position, whether we are sitting at a desk in a cubicle, behind the wheel of our vehicle or standing on our feet all day; not really moving enough to elevate our heart rate. Another benefit of jiu jitsu is that you to use your body as a single unit as your practice moves to keep you safe as you improve your body awareness.  


Improve your blood sugar and lower your cholesterol in another benefit of jiu jitsu. Don’t believe me?  Go have your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked before you start training, then do it again 1 year later.  Every class you attend has you on the mats doing physical activity, which is great for your health. 


Learning the moves shown in class is tough.  Anyone that tells you it’s easy is someone you should avoid.  However, by attending class with an open mind and putting your best effort into your training (and your partner’s training) you will grasp the concepts quicker.


Unlike a gym filled with weights, treadmills and other pieces of exercise equipment where you put your earbuds in to tune everyone out, YOU are the exercise equipment and you need to communicate with your teammates.  Choose your partner, let them know where you want to start, give them pointers to improve and thank them for making you better.  As an added bonus to helping improve your socialization skills, you’re going to make friends, real friends who aren’t somewhere else staring at their smartphone social media feeds.


As we work towards goals in life, we are going to be met with obstacles that we need to address on our way to the top of the mountain.  Jiu Jitsu is the same way.  The only thing that is going to stop you from earning your Black Belt is YOU.  The time YOU put in on the mats, the time YOU put in to better your teammates and the choice YOU make between going to class and quitting.


BJJ is GREAT for stress relief! We all have stress in our lives and when you are on the mats, you have to focus on your coaches, drilling the technique and you can’t be thinking about that bad day at work when your teammate is attempting to choke you.

Coach Ed

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7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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#7 Self-Defense

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) will give your child a REAL means of self-defense. Bullying will always be an issue and Jiu Jitsu will give your child more confidence; which is the NUMBER ONE “Bully Deterrent”. Bullies can sense a confident or timid child and they always pick on the timid child.  In addition to gaining confidence, your child will learn moves that will help them defend and escape physical confrontations if their attempt to avoid the altercation at all costs fails. 

#6 Goal Setting and Completion

There are many life lessons learn on the mats during class that spill over into their everyday life.  Setting and Completing Goals are two prime examples as BJJ gives you numerous opportunities to test and measure your progress.  Whether is training and gaining ground on skilled teammates, earning stipes and new belts or entering a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, the student will be able to see their progress, though at times it may feel as if that are not making any.  Through the learning process in Jiu Jitsu, you learn to reach a little farther and work a little bit harder each day. The goal every day is to improve by 1%.

#5 Fitness and the “Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle”

BJJ provides a fun and demanding cardiovascular workout for your child and they will LOVE doing it. Through BJJ they will lose weight, gain core strength, and have more energy and stamina for demanding activities. In addition, they will be easier to put to bed after giving it their “all” in class.  The term “Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle” has been coined in BJJ to describe the way many practitioners learn to live. Because Jiu Jitsu can be demanding physically, living a healthy life becomes a necessity. Eating healthy foods, sleeping correctly, and stretching daily for body maintenance is vital. This will help you to get more out of yourself, your training and help you use what you’ve learned on and off the mat. Just Google “Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle” and you will see what I’m talking about!!

#4 Socialization

Your child will work with teammates that may be a few years younger/older than them, but that too is another life lesson that prepares them for the real world.  In addition to working with teammates, your child will make new friends and they train techniques, do live rolling, play games or attend our team functions.   It’s also a great way for kids to learn to communicate with as they coach their teammates through the various techniques.  Your child will grow and make new friends while training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and keep these friendships for a lifetime.

#3 Confidence

As I mentioned earlier, your child will gain confidence when training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because your child will be able to use everything that they have learned every day the they train. When we put together the lesson plan together for the week, we are going to go over those 3 -4 concepts all week long to help put that in our muscle memory.  During class your child will: 1) Learn how a technique works and how to do it 2) you learn how to execute the technique against an opponent that is not cooperating.

Our Youth Program has teammates live rolling in a safe environment at the end of every class. This is part of the learning process. You will not see a child in BJJ screaming and breaking boards but instead they will be engaged in a real-life combat situation trying to grapple their way into a dominate position or escaping an uncomfortable and compromising position. When a child breaks a board or performs a flashy move with no real resistance, it just gives them a false sense of confidence that does not carry over into the real world and can actually be dangerous when they realize that their “karate” they learned actually does not work. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives the child a REAL confidence and a REAL way to defend themselves without having to punch or kick another child.

#2 Discipline and Focus

Look around, we live in a world full of stimulation. Children are highly affected by this and as a result A.D.D. is rampant. It’s said that discipline and focus are like muscles that need to be trained. Learning Jiu Jitsu is fun, but the techniques are very detailed and complicated to learn and execute. Children enjoy doing this and are forced to pay attention to instructors to be able to be successful. Jiu Jitsu will strengthen and improve your child’s discipline and focus. This will translate into better school work, better relationships, and an overall quality of life.

#1 Coordination and Body Awareness

Learning Jiu Jitsu requires a child to execute techniques that contain many small details. Learning to perform these techniques develops the child’s fine motor skills and teaches them a good understanding of base and balance. This develops in the child’s strong neuromuscular connections and increases coordination and balance. These skills then spill over to other sports and activities in their lives and aids in making them more successful not just in Jiu Jitsu but in everyday life.

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