Elite Sports Review - UPDATE

Frequency Martial Arts is always looking for ways to help our teammates on and off the mats.

When it comes to training on the mats, it's important that your training gear is clean and durable.  If you don’t have clean training gear, you cannot train.  If your gi is filled with holes – it could lead to injuries as your teammate’s fingers can get caught in these holes while they are looking to secure grips.

We also want to make sure that the investment will be a good one for our teammates.  Saving money on a gi that doesn't hold up to rigorous training is a waste of money.

In April of 2022, we were contacted by Elite Sports and they asked us to check out their following products:

Black Gi 
Men's BJJ Gi's
Women's BJJ Gi's 
Kids BJJ Gi's

I have been wearing their Men's Black A3 CORE PRESHRUNK GI twice a week within my regular gi rotation.  To be honest, I am not a gi snob - I am more of a money snob.  The gi holds up great to the intense training and I like that it dries quickly when I hang dry it.  I've been hang drying my gis after washing them ever since my first gi shrank after the first wash on a light tumble setting over 15 years ago.

Some gis take more than 2 days to be completly dry, while the Elite gi was ready to be worn the next evening after after placing it into the wash at 6a after training.

Not only does this make it a great gi to have in my regular training at the school, but it makes it the perfect gi when traveling so I don't have to pack multiple gis.