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That is the key benefit to training in the Martial Arts that will lead to so many wonderful things in your child’s life.  From making new friends, asking the girl to prom, or walking into their boss’s office to ask for a raise are just some of the situations that your child will eventually find themselves in as they grow up to be teenagers and adults.  Having the self-confidence to take action as well as to not take action, is learned on the mats.


They are everywhere: from the playground to the boardroom.  Training in the Martial Arts doesn’t encourage your child to PHYSICALLY FIGHT the bully, but rather instill the confidence in your child that they DO NOT have to fight.  While your child will be taught the techniques that are designed to keep them safe, they are also being taught to use their voice, rather than their fists to defuse the situation.

Having the knowledge that they have the ability to protect themselves and their friends from a bully gives your child more confidence to speak to the bully; to fight fire with water.



Many parents are concerned that if they were to enroll their child in a martial arts program that they will become more aggressive and start picking fights.  The opposite is actually true.  When children study the martial arts, through developing self-discipline and learning respect, both for themselves and others, kids become less aggressive and are more likely to talk logically or walk away if confronted with a negative situation.

Jiu Jitsu humbles everyone that steps onto the mats.  When your child trains jiu jitsu, their chances of becoming a bully are greatly reduced because of what they have learned on the mats.

Like the exchange between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi in the original ‘Karate Kid’:

Daniel:  You train to fight.
Miyagi: That what you think?
Daniel: [pondering] No.
Miyagi: Then why train?
Daniel: [thinks] So I won’t have to fight.
Miyagi: [laughs] Miyagi have hope for you.

Kids who train in the Martial Arts become more assertive and less aggressive. Just like adults, if they have a healthy outlet for their energy, they will let go of stress and frustrations.

Perhaps the best spokesperson for jiu jitsu is Caio Terra who trains in California. Caio is a very accomplished jiu jitsu fighter, but his journey in jiu jitsu began when his mother enrolled him into classes because he was severely bullied when he was young and used jiu jitsu as a method for improving his life. Listen to him speak about his jiu jitsu journey.



  • Greater academic achievement
  • Unshakable self respect
  • Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind
  • Fearless self-confidence
  • Awesome self-control
  • Unshakable self-esteem


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