Thank you for coming to Relay For Life of McLean County 2018 and taking a stand against cancer!  My wife Molly is a two-time breast cancer survivor and money raised right here in McLean County went to fund the drug Herceptin that saved her life in 2008.

As a way to give back, Frequency Martial Arts has a special “GIVE BACK” membership that is only available to those who attended Relay For Life and picked up one of the “THANK YOU” CARDS.

Discover Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Can Benefit Your Life!

If You Have Ever Wanted To Try Learning a Martial Art But Weren’t Quite Sure Where To Start Or What The Difference Was Between The Different Styles, Then Look No Further.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Has Proven Time and Time Again To Be The Most Effective and Realistic Martial Art On The Planet. The Fact Is Over 90% Of All Fights End Up On The Ground. And If You Are Not Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Then You Are NOT Truly Prepared.

Here At Frequency Martial Arts You Will Be Learning REAL BJJ from a CERTIFIED Black Belt Instructor.

Here Are Just a Few Benefits You Can Expect When You Start Training With Us

  • Get In Amazing Shape While Having FUN At The Same Time
  • Gain Confidence Knowing That You’ll Be Able To Defend Yourself Physically and Mentally
  • Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Puts You In Numerous Uncomfortable Situations, Which Teaches You The Importance Of Remaining Calm.
    • Not Only Will This Benefit You On The Mats, But Also In The Classroom And Within The Workforce, Especially During Your Performance Review With Your Boss.  
  • Reduce Stress and Unplug From Electronics 
  • Meet New Friends And Open Your Mind To Learning New Things, Not Just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

You Do Not Need Any Prior Experience and You Do Not Need To Be In Shape… We Will Help You Reach Your Goals No Matter Where You Are Starting From…


Schedule your FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS today and when you join the team by July 15 2018, 100% of the ON-BOARD Fee that covers your first SIX-WEEKS (we’re adding 2-Weeks for you), your uniform, one-hour private lesson and you enrollment fee will be donated directly to Relay For Life of McLean County!  PLUS every July that you are a member, we will donate your membership fee to the Relay For Life of McLean County campaign!


Secure Your FREE No Obligation Intro Class!

Take advantage of our Relay For Life of McLean County offer when you schedule your Free Intro class today. Limited to the next 10 subscribers.

Simply select the program that you are interested and thank you for supporting Relay For Life of McLean County!