The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Learn self-defense techniques in a women's-only space

At Frequency Martial Arts, we believe every woman should know how to protect herself. That's why we offer self-defense classes for teenage girls and women on Wednesdays from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. You'll certainly improve your martial arts skills under the teaching of coaches Brianna and April.

We also lead women's-only self-defense workshops. Schedule Your Free Intro Class NOW!

3 ways to prepare for your first class

We incorporate Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques to help you improve your confidence, manage stress, lose weight and build strength. For your safety and comfort, please...

  • Wear athletic clothing under your uniform -leggings, compression shorts and compression tops can prevent chafing. You should also wear flip-flops when you're not on the mat.
  • Remove all jewelry - rings, necklaces and earrings could get lost, sustain damage or cause injury, so please leave these items at home.
  • Wear long hair in a high ponytail or a bun - that way, your hair won't fall into your face or distract your teammate.

Reach out today to enroll in our women's-only Brazilian jiu-jitsu program.

Coach April

Reviews From Our Teammates

I've been wanting to train BJJ for years but never had the guts to try it before finding Frequency Martial Arts. I was really impressed by the facilities, variety of class times offered, and felt instantly welcomed into the camaraderie of the team. Returning to physical activity after having two kids I was probably in the worst shape of my life but I already feel so much more physically fit and confident. Every coach brings something unique to the school and the atmosphere is always inclusive and supportive. I can't wait for my kiddos to be old enough to join!

Eirin M.

I've been training her about 10 months. And I can say it is an upstanding facility. Its clean: the new location is just amazing, there's a shower now which is incredible and the staff are so nice. Ed Lemonier and Mike Donnovan teach the children's classes and they have an obvious patience for the kids that I envy. Ed, Mike Lavazza, Doug Kimball, and Coach Ben are all exceptional teachers. They are kind, patient and always willing to to take time out and help you during and after class. One thing I respect is that they always make sure everyone is safe and that no one is going to get injured. They also make sure all the students are respectful and never let them get too aggressive on the mats. I started my BJJ journey as a way to express my obvious aggression. Now it's become something more for me because of FMA. I have serious goals and ambitions I working towards and k wouldn't be able to reach. them with out FMA and all their staff and students

Kelsie P.

It's intimidating as an adult to learn something completely new and put yourself out there to be a beginner at something again. Everyone at Frequency has been in that same spot before, so they understand the feeling. and I've experienced nothing but kindness and respect since I've been on the mats. Personally I was worried about being one of the only women in a mostly all-male environment, and that was a big hesitation I had before deciding to schedule my trial class. I am treated just like every other teammate. and I completely trust all of the coaches and the positive environment they foster. I can't recommend Frequency enough. If you've been thinking about trying BJJ. SCHEDULE YOUR TRIAL CLASS and give this place a try.

April B.

Frequency is all around a phenomenal academy to train at. The knowledgeable coaching. diverse and talented student population, and overall positive atmosphere at Frequency makes training here feel like a privilege. It is evident everyone genuinely cares about helping one another grow in their BJJ journeys' and it starts from the top coaches. I would highly recommend training here if you are interested in Jiu-jitsu. You won't regret it!

Brandi P.

Frequency Martial Arts is a great place to learn BJJ. The facility is clean and spacious. and there are more classes on the schedule than any other school in town. The coaches are knowledgeable and helpful, but Coach Ed in particular has made FMA a safe and inclusive environment where learning and working hard can be fun.
The best part is the team. We're a diverse group of men and women from all age groups with a wide range of experience levels. body types/size. and rank. We're all invested in each other's improvement. and we are always happy to welcome new teammates onto the mats.

Brianna P